Why You Should Hire a Professional Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Last year, one of my favorite event planners (TOJ Events) asked if I could write an article for her Bridal Expo magazine. It was about the importance of hiring a professional Master of Ceremonies (MC).

I wanted to say no to her request because I’m managing my English language. Since I’m on prepaid English language plan, I cannot afford to use up all my credit on one article. Okay, I’m just kidding. So I wrote the article and it featured in the magazine.

Since this is my first blog post (I wonder what took me so long), I’m going to start by sharing the article with you. Enjoy!

A good Master of Ceremonies (MC) is key to having a successful wedding. Your MC can either make or break your special day. Think about all the vendors you have spent a lot of money on hiring; your wedding planner, the venue, food, DJ, decor, photographers and others. You have a wonderful idea in your mind of how the day day would go. After spending all this money, you decide to get your uncle or cousin, who is not a professional but has a funny bone in him, to host your wedding It might go okay, or go sour really quick. This is a decision you don’t want to leave to chance. A seasoned MC brings together every piece of the planning.

Beyond being funny, the MC should work with the event planner and other vendors to make sure your event runs smoothly and according to schedule. This person can stall when necessary or move through the agenda quickly without leaving your guests bored and confused.

The MC is not a DJ. The DJ is responsible for providing music for your event. The MC provides jokes when necessary, engages the audience, and ensures memories are created.

The cost of a professional MC depends on several factors. You should expect to pay more for bigger brands and tenured MCs. This does not mean the younger or less known brands are not as good. Most MCs will charge a performance fee, accommodation, and travel expense – if the MC lives out of town.

Another thing to consider when hiring a family member to host your event is that while might be a good gesture, you are denying that person an opportunity to relax and enjoy being a part of your special day. You don’t the person to be so concerned about impressing you that they get nerve-wrecked.

The better option is to hire a professional MC who has the experience and the skillset to do a remarkable job.

What makes a good MC?

THE VOICE. A good MC has a strong and commanding voice that gets attention when needed.

The second quality is THE PERSON. You want someone that can carry your guests along (no dull moment) and remain calm under pressure. Sometimes things may not go as planned. You want a MC who will not fall apart or lose their cool, but will keep it together.

Your MC should be RESPECTFUL. I have met people and hosts who are funny but go overboard with inappropriate jokes and sarcasms, forgetting it is a special event!

Lastly, and equally important, look for someone who is ORGANIZED, timely, and can work with your schedule.

So, before you ask your cousin, friend, uncle, neighbor, or a DJ to host your event,  consider hiring a professional Master of Ceremonies. After all, you special event is about you (and your loved ones) and you deserve the best.

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